How to run a Raffle Fundraiser

Fundraisers, need to be organized in order to be successful.

The more preparation and time you put into a raffle, the easier it will be to keep the momentum going.

Prepare the following before hand:


Will they be donated or purchased with available funds?
You should know the value of your prizes before you print and price your tickets.


Print a description of the top 3 prizes on the ticket. Think about how you will sell. A sales team going door to door? or just a booth at a market?


Determine how winners will claim their prizes. Do they have to be present at the drawing? or can they collect it later? Take into account how to transport large prizes.

Tracking and recording:

Track not only for your own use, but for legal reasons to. If this is a charity, all money should be accounted for.
Think about what information you will need to record for the government.

Tracking means recording the seller and buyer’s name, amount sold, price, location, ticket numbers, and dates.


If your organisation has the funds to buy the prizes, that’s great. However most will use this opportunity to ask for donations from local sponsors, spread the word, network among potential supporters, and turn your raffle into something surprising and magical.

Donors wont just give away a prize, they will expect to know certain information and some will want to know what in it for them.

Talk about:
what your trying to achieve (your mission statement)
How the money will be used
If your offering publicity to the companies that donate
What type of goods or services you are looking for
Will the donations be tax-deductible?
Always thank the business for their time, even if they don’t donate.


Volunteers are the backbone to successful ticket sales. These can be people from your organisation, family, friends, or just people wanting to help. Small children make great sales people, especially if the raffle is to benefit them.

These people are going to be the face of the campaign, they need to understand what is expected of them, and how they should behave.
Set-up a meeting to go over your expectations, assign tasks and positions.
Communicate your expectations regarding appropriate dress and behaviour in public.
Keep a record of all volunteers names, numbers and emails, along with how many tickets they were given to sell.
Keep in regular contact with the volunteers to help them stay motivated and on task.
Remember to thank them regularly for there help with the fundraiser.

Sales process:

How will you record your ticket sales?

There are many ways, such as by hand, excel sheet, online etc.

Think about all the things that could go wrong, and keep on top of them. How will you supervise your sales team? prevent ticket fraud?
Keep your organisation updated on how progress is being made?

Make a clear strategy for keeping track of every bodies activities, and hopefully you will catch any mistakes before they are made.


Remember to keep all volunteers busy and make them feel like they are making a difference! Prizes for best attitude or hardest worker may be appropriate.


What would a raffle be without tickets?
Make sure they are printed well before hand. The sooner you have them, the sooner you can start selling.
There are many options for printing raffle tickets, Make sure the designs works for you and whoever else needs to sign off on the design.
Double-check your ticket proofs. Confusing or embarrassing mistakes can hurt your raffle or your reputation.

Prizes must be accurately represented, along with the ticket price, your organisation’s contact information, and the date and location of the actual draw.
Since your tickets will be individually numbered, it should be easy to keep track of where every single ticket has gone.


Consider whether you want to advertise your raffle outside of your organisation. Flyers & poster or small ads can help drive supporters to you. Word of mouth can be your best and cheapest option. When you have amazing prizes, a strong mission statement, and a competent sales-team, your raffle will generate support all on its own.


Once you have your tickets, team and a system for recording everything , you are ready to sell.

Think about how, where and to whom you will sell your tickets.
Options include, your website, organisations newsletter, events or gatherings and local markets.

Everyone is a potential customer!

Don’t be afraid to be bold and try new places, look where the crowds are, and who is most likely to want to help your cause.

Drawing the winner!

Sell your tickets right up to the final moments. You could even announce a count down to remind people to buy tickets.

Does your winner have to be present? if not how will you contact them and get them their prize.

Who will draw the prize? By bringing in a local celebrity, you can bring in larger crowds. A small child could help by bringing the cute factor.
Again consider who your audience is and what your organisation is fundraising for.

This is a big moment, make it enthusiastic, and exciting. Build some anticipation and amp up the crowd. Allow for cheering between prizes, this will leave winners and non-winners in a positive attitude and having a great time.

Make your raffle memorable, so that if your do another in the future people will remember how much fun it was to be a part of.

Goodluck & Best wishes.