If you’d like to provide print ready files below are our specifications.
If you are not sure, or this doesn’t make sense, get in touch, our design team can help you out.


We are flexible with file formats, although for best results we prefer press ready PDFs. Other formats we can accept are; Illustrator, CorelDRAW, MS Office (doc, pub, ppt) and image (raster) files like photoshop, jpg and png.
Some file formats, like MS Office or jpg/png won’t produce print ready files, and might incur an additional file correction cost before printing, our design team will happily check your files and let you know if okay to print or if changes needed.


We’re happy to accept jobs with or without crop marks. If you are working in Adobe we recommend exporting only crop marks and bleed and no other printers marks.


Bleed is the area that extends past the trim area and is cut off. Although we strive for accurate guillotining, there will always be a bit of variation and bleed ensures no ugly white edges or graphics not reaching the edge.


The print margin is the space between the trim and any text or object not including anything that extends to the edge. We ask for minimum 3mm margin on all jobs, and for some jobs we recommend bigger margins, eg. stapled booklets or docket books and pads. We check all jobs individually and will let you know if your artwork requires corrections.


For best results, we recommend converting your file/s fully to CMYK unless being printed with spot colours. Any RGB files will be automatically converted but may have unexpected results depending on different colour profiles.