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Setting up a file for printing

If files aren’t set up correctly a lot of printers will just send them back and ask for them in the correct format. This means “correct” for the printer, not all printers want the same format. Make sure you find out the format that your printer wants before you send them the file. This will […]

What to write on Bereavement Cards

It’s sometimes a challenge to find the right words to express how you feel. Below are some sayings we hope will inspire you.. On the front of your card, with a photo of your loved one: Celebrating the life of… A celebration of life … Forever in our thoughts… In Loving Memory… Memories, laughter, love… […]

Digital vs. Offset Printing

There is a lot of confusion between digital and offset printing, and which one is better. First thing to note, is neither is “better” both have advantages and disadvantage. Understanding these can help you make the right choice for your project. How they work Offset printing is where the desired image is burned onto a […]

How to run a Raffle Fundraiser

Fundraisers, need to be organized in order to be successful. The more preparation and time you put into a raffle, the easier it will be to keep the momentum going. Prepare the following before hand: Prizes: Will they be donated or purchased with available funds? You should know the value of your prizes before you […]